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    Timeseries from WRF Python

    I am reading this package: but I could find a sample script that could extract a timeseries using lat/lon coordinates. Can you please direct me to relevant link or example? Thank you.
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    Running GFS-FNL for WRF

    Thank you for your reply. Would you know which meteorological input data should I select in the RDA? I have already selected: Geopotential height Landmask ice cover Pressure Pressure reduced to MSL Relative humidity Specific humidity U,V wind component Temperature Volumetric soil moisture...
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    Running GFS-FNL for WRF

    For those who have tried using FNL in WRF: 1. May I know which GFS-FNL data should I select when I download via RDA? 2. Also, which time interval? Is the 6-hour forecast same as 6-hour analysis?
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    Running WPS with CFSV2

    Has anyone experienced using WRF with CFSv2 downloaded from RDA? My concern is when we choose WRF-prescribed input, the fields are 6-hourly forecast when our need is the analysis. However, the soil-related fields (i.e. volumetric soil content) are not available in the 'analysis' but they are...
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    Running WPS with GEFS

    Has anybody experience running WRF with GEFS? Can you please share insights on how to run WPS using GEFS data? More specifically, we want to simulate 30 days considering the forecast of GEFS is more than 30 days but the reforecast is until 10 days only. Can you share how you were able to run...
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    Using station data (WRFDA-obsproc)

    I have station data that is not available in reanalysis. How can I use these surface station data (contains UV, SLP, and RR) in obsproc? Can you help me locate guide to use the data in WRF?
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    Running seasonal simulations

    I have some concerns on running long-term simulation over nested domains. For example, if I will simulate 3-month rainfall using the larger domain (D01) in the attached picture, I am essentially excluding the effect of other ENSO regions (beyond 180E) and the influence from the Southern...
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    d02 appears in plot of d01 for rainfall

    Thank you for the reply. 1) Is the variable you're plotting RAINC? Yes, I plotted RAINC here. 2) Do you have cu_physics turned off for the inner domain? Yes, the cu_physics is turned off. 3) Do you have feedback turned on? Yes, the feedback is turned on. I am interested in d01 but I am...
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    d02 appears in plot of d01 for rainfall

    i have 2 domains when I simulated WRF. When I plotted the rainfall in D01, it looked there is a cavity from D02. Is this how it really supposed to look like? I mean, the plot of D01. It doesn't appear like it is supposed to be that way. Any thoughts, please?
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    (RESOLVED) Using monthly input for WRF

    Thank you. Yes, I have come to realize these mistakes when I was trying to design the experiment. I want to run 10-year simulations and I thought that the output file sizes would be huge. I thought that using monthly data will be better to minimize output file size. Now, I will instead use...
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    (RESOLVED) Using monthly input for WRF

    I will try to run monthly WRF using monthly ERA5 input data hence the interval_seconds in the namelist should be the total number of seconds in a month. My issue is the varying number of seconds per month. Has anyone done monthly simulations before and how did you resolve this issue?
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    Apply vortex-following in other domains

    Thanks for the tip. It works though I am yet to complete the entire simulation time. I confirm that D02 is not moving while D03 is moving.
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    Apply vortex-following in other domains

    I have four domains. D01 is the parent domain and the other three are linked to the parent domain and are time-independent of each other. D02 should not be a moving nest while D03 and D04 should be moving nest. How can I turn on the vortex-following in the third and fourth domain and turn off in...
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    Originally, I plan to run one-month WRF simulation using 2 vortex following nested domains. It occurred to me what if I use only one domain but the model is compiled using vortex following, will the grep atcf rsl.out.0000 still provide output?
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    SST historical data download

    ERA5 has hourly data available for download so I went for 6 hourly SST data for my initial condition. I have successfully completed my WRF simulation only to find out that the output SST values of my simulation from the supposedly 6-hourly ERA5 data is daily data, after all. Have you experienced...