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  • Hello kwerner, Could you please provide guidance on how to convert the AOD550 CAMS (Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service) netcdf to a WRF-compatible format? Thank you for your help.
    Hello kwerner, could you please provide guidance on how to submit a new module for the upcoming version of WRF?
    Hi, the thread .../choosing-an-appropriate-number-of-processors.5082 is very interesting. But the script gives this error:
    File ".../", line 96 print "max # of processors that can be used is: ", max_procs
    SyntaxError: Missing parentheses in call to 'print'. Did you mean print(...)?

    If I fix it the error disappears, but the script doesn't give me any response.

    I have Python 3.11.6 on linux
    While running wrf.exe i am getting the following error
    "Error in `./wrf.exe': malloc(): smallbin double linked list corrupted:"
    I have seen a similar post earlier but not able to understand much.
    Can you please tell how to resolve this!

    Hello ! I want to edit Registry.EM file to extract some specific parameters Will it be possible to send me steps related ? ( I am new in this)

    and how to edit namelist.input

    Thank you !

    hello Kwerner
    my outputs from WPS don't show num_metgrid_levels.
    and WRF gives error about mismatch between WPS namelist and input namelist in WRF section.
    I ran this simulation by using ERA5 reanalysis data.
    I have downloaded wind components data (w, 10u, 10v) and temperature data (2t).
    I didn't download any other parameters. can it be reason?
    I'm looking for your kind help.
    Hello, Please I tried to submit a job on Perlmutter but they keep killing the job, i feel it may have to do with my script, please do you have a .csh file i can compare with mine to run my wrfrun.regular.csh?
    Hi Kwerner

    I met new questions on WRF-LES, would you like give me some suggestions?

    Hi Kwerner

    My name is Novvria, I'm from Indonesia. I tried to assimilate GPM precipitation data in WRFDA using BE CV7. I succeed to assimilate it, but I got problems when running wrf.exe. Is there any wrong setting of namelist or input data?
    2023xiaoli -a
    Hello, I want to run a 7-day example for setting. It is normal in the pre-processing and./real processes of WRF, but it is running./wrf The exe will be interrupted suddenly. It shows that the error is reported by signal 11. There should be no memory shortage. I set epssm=0.2 and w_ Damping=1. At the same time, I have changed it, but the running time will be interrupted for about two days.
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