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  • I have also tried replacing the original data in WPS_GEOG using the convert_geotiff method, but I get the message "WPS_GEOG/lu_index/00001-00200.00001-00200, point (748, 214) has an invalid category of 0". However, the lu_index in the generated geo_em data has been successfully replaced, but LAI and others remain as 0. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you very much, and I look forward to your reply.
    Hello, I would like to replace the LAI, ALBEDO12 and LU_INDEX in WPS with another dataset. I have adjusted the data format to match WPS, but when I modify and run metgrid.exe, I get the error "ERROR: In read_next_field(), problems with ext_pkg_get_var_info()". If I modify met_em*, I can run real.exe, but when I run wrf.exe, I encounter a segmentation fault.
    hello, please assist with selecting the proper domain for my simulation. I managed to install Dwiz and its working perfectly i can even do WPS with it. I wish i could attach a file so that you appreciate as well.
    Due to my LAI's tif data having 12 bands, I am currently using gdal_ Translate cannot convert tif to bil format correctly. How should I replace LAI data in WPS?

    Looking forward to your reply, thank you!
    Hello, I see your answer to this error: ERROR: Ran out of valid boundary conditions in file wrfbdy_d01. At present, I have encountered the same question. My start date is 2010-11-14-00-00-00 and end date is 2010-11-22-18-00-00. According to your answer, I set run days is 8 and run hours is 18. But my wrfbdy's end date is still 2010-11-22-12-00-00.
    I do not know what data to download to use ECMWF (ds626.0) as initial and boundary condition at pressure levels and surface.
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