How to use AOD of MODIS data

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How to use AOD of MODIS data

Post by Nguyen_Dong » Mon Oct 14, 2019 7:39 am

Dir Sir.

Currently, I am implementing AOD data from MODIS satellite (Aqua or Terra in hdf file format, for example: MYD04_3K.A2015001.0540.061.2018047185405.hdf or MOD04_3K.A2017001.0350.061.2017312163559.hdf) into WRFDA but after find out, I have not yet identified any variables in the namelist to do this and how to do it: can read hdf files directly; If possible read how, if not able to read directly, how to handle them.

Please show me how to accomplish this task.
Thank you.

Best Regard.

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