obsproc observation file download & conversion (prepbufr)

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obsproc observation file download & conversion (prepbufr)

Post by puneet336 » Fri Oct 08, 2021 8:57 pm

I am trying to setup a 6 hour simulation using WRFDA.
afaik, the workflow is WPS -> WRFDA -> WRF.
I have used WPS to generate wrfinput and wrfbdy files using the gfs.0p25.2021090200.f000.grib2, gfs.0p25.2021090200.f003.grib2 and gfs.0p25.2021090200.f006.grib2 file

I am currently trying to setup a 3DVAR WRFDA simulation run, where in the first step involves running obsproc.exe to generate ascii formatted observation file.
namelist.obsproc, obserr.txt, 1 or more observation files ---(input)---> obsproc.exe ---(output)---> bs_gts_YYYY-MM-DD_HH:NN:SS.3DVAR.
i am looking for the method to generate / get any type of input observation files to understand the workflow.

I tried downloading the observation file - https://rda.ucar.edu/data/ds337.0/tarfi ... .nr.tar.gz, but it seems i need to convert it into little_r format so that obsproc can run sucessfully.

Here are few questions -
Q: is prepbufr.20210902.nr.tar.gz the correct input observation file ?
Q: how can i convert aforementioned prepbufr observation file to little_r format.
Q: incase i need to include multiple input observation files, then what changes do i need to make in namelist.obsproc file?

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