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WRF-LES(Real data) microphysics doesn't work

Posted: Fri Mar 26, 2021 6:46 pm
by Peter_Wilson
Hi, i'm running WRF in LES mode with real data, using NCEP GDAS Final Analysis data. The problem is that fields Qcloud, qrain, qgraup, qice, qrain, qsnow and their two-dimensional counterparts in the output file all are equal to 0 and constant.

To me, these fields begin to appear in the output file only when dx is greater than 8000-10000 and, accordingly, the boundary layer parameterization is enabled but this is not a LES mode anymore.

Obviously, it shouldn't be that way, what to do to fix the problem?
I am attaching an input file.

Re: WRF-LES(Real data) microphysics doesn't work

Posted: Tue Mar 30, 2021 6:16 pm
by kwerner
I have moved this post to the physics section of the WRF forum, as this pertains to specific physics settings. Someone will respond to your inquiry soon.