In Model Emission Speciation Conversion?

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In Model Emission Speciation Conversion?

Post by FrieCookies » Fri Aug 07, 2020 9:09 pm

Hello! This question is a bit of a sanity check for me.

What happens in WRF-CHEM if you input emissions speciated for one mechanism into another? I have two cases where I'd like to understand if they'd work not.

1. if I generated emission using MOZART speciation but input them into a RADM2 mechanism? It seems like this should work?

chem_opt = 106 (RADM2+MADE/...)
emiss_inpt_opt = 111 (RADM2 emissions from MOZART Emissions)
emiss_opt = 2 (radm2)

2. If I generated emissions using RADM2 but input them into MOZART(+aerosols)? Would this not work since there's no bridge between the emissions and the mechanism?

chem_opt=10 (Mozart+aerosols)
emiss_input_opt=1 (RADM2+SORGUM)
emiss_opt=3 (radm2/MADE/SORGAM )

If anyone has thought's, I'd appreciate them!
Alexander Frie
University of Minnesota

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