"make_util megan_bio_emiss": not working: command not found!

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"make_util megan_bio_emiss": not working: command not found!

Post by sinisters93 » Wed May 08, 2019 11:13 am

WRF-Chem Emission guide Chapter -3 says this:-

After extracting the file be sure that the correct environment variables for your
FORTRAN compiler and netCDF libraries are set correctly by editing the make_util
script file if necessary. At this point the MEGAN source code in the MEGAN directory
can be compiled by issuing the command:

> make_util megan_bio_emiss

I am having files in my MEGAN directory as:-

area_mapper.dbg.f90 constants_module.f90 laiv200302_30sec.nc laiv200307_30sec.nc laiv200312_30sec.nc megan_tutorial.tar.gz README.bio_emiss
area_mapper.f90 DSW.nc laiv200303_30sec.nc laiv200308_30sec.nc Makefile megan_xform.f90 shr200121_30sec.nc
bio_emiss.f90 hrb200121_30sec.nc laiv200304_30sec.nc laiv200309_30sec.nc make_util misc_definitions_module.f90 surfdata_xform.f90
bio_types.f90 isoall200021_30sec.nc laiv200305_30sec.nc laiv200310_30sec.nc megan_bio_emiss.tar mozbc.tar TAS.nc
btr200121_30sec.nc laiv200301_30sec.nc laiv200306_30sec.nc laiv200311_30sec.nc megan.data.tar.gz ntr200121_30sec.nc wes-coldens.tar

So, following the steps if i issue this command :
make_util megan_bio_emiss

it says:-
make_util megan_bio_emiss
bash: make_util: command not found...

Please help me out with this!

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Re: "make_util megan_bio_emiss": not working: command not found!

Post by Saurabh » Fri Oct 16, 2020 6:35 pm

on ubuntu system "./make_util megan_bio_emiss" worked for me. (make the file executable if it's not already)

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