Assimilating radiances from NCEP gdas files

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Assimilating radiances from NCEP gdas files

Post by tiziana » Tue Oct 20, 2020 4:38 am

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to assimilate the ATMS radiances into my WRFDAv3.9.1 over Hawaii from the NCEP file:
gdas.t12z.atms.tm00.bufr_d linked to atms.bufr

In the namelist I have:
time_window_min="2020-10-15 10:24:00",
time_window_max="2020-10-15 13:36:00",

The assimilation is successful but it only assimilates one of the two available ATMS passages. Ideally there is a JPSS (ATMS) passage at ~11UTC and a following one at about 12:40UTC near Hawaii. The gdas files should (or it seems) to contain both passages, but it only assimilate the one at 11 UTC. I even tried catting together the gdas.t12z.atms.tm00.bufr_d and gdas.t18z.atms.tm00.bufr_d, but still the assimilation reads only the very first passage and disregard the following one.
Any advice on how to include both passages or just the second one? Is there any other operation needed on the bufr files or option in the namelist?

Thank you very much for any help with this.
Aloha and ciao,


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