Vapor 3.4.0 is live!

Questions, issues, or suggestions related to post-processing of model output.
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Vapor 3.4.0 is live!

Post by pearse » Tue Apr 06, 2021 8:27 pm

Version 3.4 is Vapor's first usability-focused release.

Download it at

See some of the changes in the following demo:

Major usability improvements include:
- Improved algorithm for the Flow renderer's random seeding bias variable
- Data-independent settings (e.g. Cache size) can now be modified before data is loaded
- Restructuring of Vapor's top-level tabs
- New and improved Colorbars
- Improved functionality of the Geometry tab
- Better space management of the Renderer Table

Other notable issues include:
- Addition of clang-format linter, and git pre-push hook
- Fixed weekly builds on all platforms

A comprehensive list of fixes can be viewed in the 3.4.0 milestone: ... s%3Aclosed

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