OpenACC directives at mpas_dmpar.F

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OpenACC directives at mpas_dmpar.F

Post by afernandezody » Wed Dec 09, 2020 10:12 pm

While trying to compile the app with OpenACC, I've noticed some issues. More specifically, the mpas_dmpar.F code makes the following call:

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 6475 |           !$acc data present(tempRbuffer, array, compactHaloInfo, dimsizes, nHaloLayers, gpu_nList_send, gpu_idx_send, gpu_bufferOffset_send) async(counter+1)
There are several lines with a similar structure. The issue is that 'acc data' is not supposed to use 'async' as a clause (this is also true for v3.0) as described in the OpenACC documentation.
One of the compilers also complained about !$acc enter data copyin(field%array) lines, but I have spent zero time troubleshooting it so it might or might not be an issue. I just took notice of the error and share it in case it's of any help.

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Re: OpenACC directives at mpas_dmpar.F

Post by mgduda » Thu Jan 28, 2021 8:33 pm

Thanks so much for pointing out these issues! Bringing the GPU-enabled MPAS-A code up-to-date with the v7.0 release is a work in progress, and we'll work to address these issues as we go.

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