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    mpi error when running idealized WRF (v4.2.1) on Derecho

    Thanks! I did a test with your input files, namelist, etc., but with a version of WRF I compiled on derecho. I was able to run it without any issues (I only ran about 4 hours before I stopped it). I'm not certain if this has anything to do with it, but I don't think you should have 2 types of...
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    Help Needed: WPS Metgrid.exe Error (Endian Problem)

    Hi, Can you attch your FILE:2016-10-06_00 file? Thanks!
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    WPS intel dmpar compilation error

    Hi, Can you attach your full WPS compile log, as well as the configure.wrf file and wrf compile log? Thanks!
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    Issue with some variables not writing to auxiliary output stream

    Thank you for testing that and sending those new files. I believe I've figured out the issue. In your "aux_var_file.txt" file, you have the variables listed as (for e.g.,) .....qv,qc,qr,qi....; however, those aren't the actual output variable names. Take a look in the Registry.EM_COMMON file at...
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    WRF debug mode: floating divided by zero, netcdf issue

    Thank you for trying that. Can you please package up all of your rsl* files into a single *.tar file and attach that, along with the namelist.input file you used for this case? Thanks!
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    Question in processing SST data by ungrib

    Hi, If your datasets come in netCDF format, you only need to convert them to the "intermediate" format that's expected by the metgrid program. This section of the WRF Users' Guide discusses how to do this. If you do some searching on this forum, there are also several posts about python scripts...
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    How to set the time for invariables in the namelist.wps

    It looks like you are already discussing this issue on this post. Please continue the conversation there and try not to post multiple threads about the same topic to keep our staff from doing duplicate work. Thanks.
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    mpi error when running idealized WRF (v4.2.1) on Derecho

    Hi, Do you mind pointing us to your WRF running directory on Derecho so we can take a look? Thanks.
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    Cannot create geogrid.exe and metgrid.exe (dmpar)

    @dengxw The only time you should need to compile WPS with an option to run with distributed memory is if you are planning to use very large domains (1000+ x 1000+ grid spaces). Otherwise, it is perfectly fine to compile WPS with the serial option, even if you compiled WRF with dmpar. If you...
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    WRF model crashed with SBM fast Microphysics (mp_physics)

    I'm glad to hear you were able to resolve your original error. Since your new issue is not only modifying the cumulus scheme, but there are many differences between the two cases (when comparing the namelists), we ask that you post this new problem as a new thread. This helps to keep the threads...
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    CFL error when using WRF with EC Earth data

    The fact that it runs okay with other data types seems to indicate the issue is related to the EC-Earth data. It's unclear what it is about that data that causes the issue, but if everything else is kept the same, except the data type, then that would have to be the problem.
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    There is no need to use a domain that coarse when the input data have a grid spacing of 0.25 degrees. The ratio between the input data and your parent domain should be somewhere between 3:1 and 5:1, and starting with 9km falls within that interval. And then it is perfectly fine to use a 3:1...
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    Writing large WRF model output files with pnetcdf

    **Edited 2/23/24** I should have been more clear that when I suggested using up to 15K processors, that would be for running wrf.exe, not ideal.exe. For ideal.exe, unfortunately due to the way it's written, you must always run ideal.exe with a single processor, even when you've compiled the...
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    [WRF-4.2.1] ERROR: Not enough info for a p sfc computation

    Thanks for uploading that. It looks like your met_em* files are missing sea-level pressure data (PMSL). Try to obtain that field, as well, for the GFS data you're using. If you're unsure how to do that, try contacting the group from which you obtained the data to see if they have any...
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    WRF debug mode: floating divided by zero, netcdf issue

    Hi, Before we dig into this, can you first try this with the latest version of WRF (V4.5.2) to determine if it's potentially a code issue that may have been resolved since v4.4? Thanks!
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    Issue with some variables not writing to auxiliary output stream

    Thanks for sending those. So the messages I see in your rsl.out.0000 file all refer to lines 2 and 3 of the aux_var_file.txt file, and this is because you cannot place the variables on multiple lines. They must all be on one continuous line. I know you said you originally did that with similar...
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    The average wind and the wind at the moment are almost the same

    I have a few questions/comments: 1. Which domains are these plots made from? The most different U2 and U2MEAN is from meteostation Alm-004 - which domain have you plotted for that figure? 2. Is it possible that the mean and instant values are more different if the output interval becomes...
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    ******Warning once using nudging *******

    Since your new question is a new topic, please post the inquiry as a new thread. This helps to keep the questions/answers separate and easier to search and read in the future. Thanks!
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    WRF.exe crashes during just after first output 'Caught signal 11'

    The issue is likely that you're using too many processors. Take a look at Choosing an Appropriate Number of Processors for recommendations and see if decreasing the number of processors helps at all.
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    About Soil Texture Data in WRF

    Yes, please see the following FAQ: References for geogrid static data