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    Precipitation map with RAINC and RAINNC (WRF model output)

    Please take a look at your rsl files. can you find error message like CFL violation or something else? Core dump could be caused by segmentation fault or integration instability. Something wrong in physics can also lead to model crash. those error messages in rsl files are important for us to...
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    WRF energy and moisture budget?

    HFX and LH both are positive upward.
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    Real.exe produces only one wrfinput_d01 although I'm using 4 domains!

    Please send me your namelist.input and namelist.wps to take a look.
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    Coupled and uncoupled tendency terms

    The coupled tendency term is the tendency multiplied by (MU + MUB)
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    Running to Equilibrium - time & physics set up

    WRF is not coupled with ocean model. It is hard to incorporate ocean current data into WRF. All the PBL schemes in WRF are applied to both air-sea and land-sea boundary. Unfortunately most of the verification are conducted over land. Please refer to the literature to find appropriate PBL scheme...
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    WRF tracer_opt setting

    Are you running WRF-Chem?
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    Wrf output

    Hope someone familiar with python can answer this question....
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    Precipitation map with RAINC and RAINNC (WRF model output)

    Hi, Your namelist.input looks fine except that time step is too small. I would suggest that you set time_step = 150. In addition, your domain size is way small. A larger domain (both D01 and D02) might give you better results. As for the similar results between D01 and D02, this is not...
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    Wrf output

    I am not sure what software package you are using to create the plot. But I guess some NL or python scripts may work for you. Please see the following websites and hope they are helpful for you:
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    WRF atmosphere energy budget

    Net energy at the bottom = swdnb - swupb + lwdnb - lwupb - sh-lh Net energy at the top = swdnt - swupt + lwdnt - lwupt
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    Real.exe error while executing

    You run a 2-domian nesting case. However, in your namelist.input, you have the options like: dx = 7500, dy = 7500, max_dom = 2, You should at change to : max_dom = 2, dx =...
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    wrflowinp WRF size limit reached

    Ash, Probably you can use ncrcat to concatenate netCDF files. Please see NetCDF operators (NCOs) for file manipulation and simple calculations
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    Zeros LAT and LONG values

    Most of the ideal cases don't provide lat/long information because these cases are not run on grids with specific map projection. In these cases some physics options like xlat/xlong don't really matter. If you really need to specify such information, you need to modify the initialization code...
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    Relaxing winds to initial conditions in idealized WRF runs

    Edward, I don't think WRF ideal cases have the capability of nudging variables. there might involve lots of code changes if you want to do so. It is definitely not straightforward.
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    questions about green vegetation fraction dataset used in WPS

    Jessie, I believe so.
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    Do I need to install WRF model in my own space to run it on Cheyenne?

    The precompiled WRF codes can be found in /glade/u/home/wrfhelp/PRE_COMPILED_CODE If you don't modify any code and just want to run WRF, you can use the precompiled code and don't need to compile yourself.
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    ERROR : The mandatory field TT was not found in any input data

    I cannot run wrf.exe because I only ungrib the single file of gfs.000 you attached. Also, with limited resources I am not able to run specific cases for users.
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    Error modifying wrfinput_d01 using NCL

    Jet, I believe this is either a data issue or NCL version issue. I just tried the same method to process a met-em file, and all works fine. I cannot repeat your problem.
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    WRF4.3.3 NoahMP irrigation scheme didn't work

    The only document that is available is WRF USER's Guide. Please see the chapter: Other than this, I don't know whether there exist other documents to describe the irrigation options in WRF. I understand that...
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    questions about green vegetation fraction dataset used in WPS

    Jessie, The Noah LSM page identifies the sources of data that they use. For future reference, here is a link to the Noah page: Land Atmosphere Interactions | Research Applications Laboratory To the best of our knowledge, greenfrac is probably derived from the USGS GLCC data for the period...