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    Obs nudging - Unknown regime type 0.0

    Unknown regime type 0.0 at grid coordinate i = 96 j = 505 -------------- FATAL CALLED --------------- FATAL CALLED FROM FILE: <stdin> LINE: 476 fddaobs_driver: compute_VIH STOP ------------------------------------------- I get this error very often with observation nudging, does...
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    Nesting boundary over mountainous terrain

    Hi, I would like to do a high resolution (2-3km) forecast for the Sierra's, nesting down from GFS->~9km->~3km. Because the Sierra's are so large it is not possible for me to place the inner domain border entirely away from mountainous terrain, it has to cross somewhere, and it's always on this...
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    3D radiation

    Are there any radiation modules that output 3D radiation, to be used to calculate solar irradiance at altitude? The goal is to calculate solar power for an aircraft in flight.
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    Poor results with NoahMP versus Noah

    Hi, I currently use Noah and have a small (-1c) cold bias - I read on this forum that NoahMP can improve this situation. Unfortunately just from toggling Noah to NoahMP I get catastrophically wrong results, -3c cold bias and +5c dewpoint bias. This was surprising as I understood they should...
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    Observation nudging in a nest

    I am setting up observation nudging in my nested domains. Currently I am generating little_r files and everything works well as long as I don't activate obs nudging on the nest with multiple MPI processes. If I run with >2 MPI process, and have a OBS_DOMAIN201 file present, the model crashes...
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    Obs Nudging with DFI

    Hi, I'm trying to setup obs nudging for my WRF runs, with a nest, but I'm hitting this error. Does anyone know how to proceed? OBSERVATION NUDGING IS ACTIVATED FOR MESH 2 WRF scheme selected for horizontal spreading of surface obs Regime-based VIF scheme selected for vertical spreading of...
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    Operational WRFDA setup

    Hi, I'm trying to setup some operational forecasts using WRF. Currently I have WRF working by itself initializing from GFS 0.25 data. But instead I would like to know if it is better practice or likely to give better results to initialize WRF via WRFDA 4DVar, also using GFS 0.25 data. Is anyone...
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    Condensation Heating

    Are there any microphysics/PBL modules that calculate or output the effects of condensation heating from shallow cumulus, either in terms of heat/energy or convective velocity (w*)? Failing that, does anyone have any pointers as to how to calculate that from the output variables available?