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    Hi, Could you please explain the differences between EBIO_ISO and MEBIO_ISOP in the registry.chem? I'm not sure which one should be used to calculate biogenic emission? Thanks a lot, Maosier
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    BVOC Emission

    Hi, I'm running WRF-Chem with online MGEAN and the variables related to biogenic emissions in the wrfout files are shown below. float EBIO_ISO(Time, south_north, west_east) ; EBIO_ISO:FieldType = 104 ; EBIO_ISO:MemoryOrder = "XY " ; EBIO_ISO:description = "Actual biog emiss" ...
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    PM_10 doesn't be read with emiss_opt=4

    Hi Jordan, Thanks for your reply. I modified the registry.chem and recompiled, then it worked. Thanks a lot. Maosier
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    PM_10 doesn't be read with emiss_opt=4

    Hi, I'm running WRF-Chem v4.0 with chem_opt=9 (CBMZ-MOSAIC-4bin). I'm specifying emiss_opt=4 and emiss_inpt_opt=101 for this chemical mechanism. It turns out that the model is not reading my PM10 emissions and the concentrations of PM2.5 and PM10 remain the same. The registry.chem file shows...
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    wrfbiochemi_d01 remain the same

    Hi Jordan, Thank you for your reply. Does that mean variables such as MSEBIO_ISOP in wrfbiochemi_d01 won't change with time, while variables such as MLAI, MTSA and MSWDOWN will change for different month simulation? I checked that the values in wrfbiochemi_d01_Jan seem reasonable. However...
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    wrfbiochemi_d01 remain the same

    Hello, I found out that wrfbiochemi_d01_Jan and wrfbiochemi_d01_Aug generated by wrfinput_d01 in January and August respectively remain the same. The values of variables such as MSEBIO_ISOP don't change with time and the time dimension only has one time. Is there anything wrong? The...
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    forrtl: error (78): process killed (SIGTERM)

    Hi, I'm using the same namelist running WRF-ChemV3.7.1 and WRF-ChemV4.0 simultaneously. Everything seems to work fine with WRF-ChemV4.0 and something was wrong using WRF-ChemV3.7.1: WARNING, FRC_URB2D = 0 BUT IVGTYP IS URBAN WARNING, THE URBAN FRACTION WILL BE READ FROM URBPARM.TBL USING...
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    questions about emiss_opt

    Hi, Emiss_opt tells the model what emission species it expects to be read in (see emiss_opt in Registry/registry.chem). Does that mean if the emission species(e.g., e_pm_10) doesn't included in the chemical mechanism you select in registry.chem (e.g., ecbmz_mosaic emiss_opt==4), the model...
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    modify module_mp_lin.F

    Dear, I want to fix the qndrop variable to a constant value, thus I made some modifications in module_mp_lin.F using mp_physics=2: IF (flag_qndrop .AND. PRESENT( qndrop )) THEN DO k = kts, kte qndropz(k)=qndrop(i,k,j) ENDDO ELSE DO k = kts, kte...
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    wrf.exe crushes

    Dear, I got a problem during running wrf.exe. I found the error was in rsl.error.0036: wrf.exe:40329 terminated with signal 11 at PC=3d630c4 SP=7ffdfcb67da0. Backtrace: ./wrf.exe[0x3d630c4]. I don't know what's going wrong. I have used the same configuration simulating from Jan,2017 to...
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    set the cloud droplet number concentration to a constant value

    Dear, I'm wondering how to set the cloud droplet number in the Purdue Lin microphysics scheme (Lin et al., 1983) to a constant value to study ACI when running WRF-Chem. Could you help me solve it? Best regards Maosier