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    how to speed up unipost.exe execution on parallel NetCDF?

    Dear colleagues, I use wrf-nmm v4.3 on the cluster, it produces wrf_output files in parallel netcdf format. I also have UPP v3.1.1 for the model outputs postprocessing. The problem is in the very low speed of execution of unipost.exe file (2.5-3 times slower than with ordinary netcdf)! Can...
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    ECMWF Atmospheric Model high resolution 10-day forecast (HRES)

    I have WRF-ARW v4.3 and I try to use grib files of ECMWF Atmospheric Model high-resolution 10-day forecast as ICBC. The names of these files are like: D1D09200000092000011 D1D09200000092003001 D1D09200000092006001 D1D09200000092009001 D1D09200000092012001 D1D09200000092015001...
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    arw v3.9.1.1 with dm+sm

    I have a server with 2 Intel Xeon Gold 6148 CPUs, in which omp domains distributed in the following mode: CPUs 0-19 in domain 0 CPUs 20-39 in domain 1 I've compiled wrf.exe (arw v3.9.1.1) with Intel compilers (v19.1.3.304) and the option dm+sm, also with support of avx512 instructions set. (see...
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    accumulated total precipitation

    I use WRF-ARW v4.2 and UPP v4.0.1. I'd like to put in wrfout files accumulated surface precipitation only for the period that indicated in history_interval parameter of namelist.input file. By defalt each output file store precipitation of all previous time period! How to do it? (I put in...
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    wrf.exe in dm+sm mode

    Dear colleagues, how to run wrf.exe if it is compiled in dm+sm mode?
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    wrf.exe crash on ecmwf data

    I run wrf v3.9.1.1 over ecmwf hres 0.125x0.125 data. when I use low resolution domains: -------------------------------------------from namelist---------------- time_step = 60, e_we = 151, 184, e_sn = 100, 91, e_vert = 36...
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    (RESOLVED) ungrib v4.0 error with new gfs data

    Hi everyone, I use wrf since 2008. Now I use WRF (NMM core) v4.0 and NCEP GFS 0.25 degree grib2 files as initial and boundary data. After update GFS to version 15.1 my ungrib.exe fires error: 'unknown out_format, ifv = 1204035201'. I tried different versions of Vtable.GFS but problem is the...