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    Model crashing at radiation time step

    WRF-4.1.3 Model is crashing at radiation time step with BouLac PBL scheme, but runs successfully with other PBL schemes. Tried changing radt to other values but seeing similar crashing with similar error. Any help would be appreciated. &time_control run_days = 0...
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    Difference between simulations

    Hi, I have observed big differences in all-sky surface and TOA radiative forcings between WRF only simulation and WRF-Chem simulation with aer_rad_feedback=0. Differences are close to 10-12 Wm-2. However clear sky radiative forcings are similar which implies difference in cloud simulation. What...
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    Problem with hybrid vertical coordinate

    Hi, I am trying to run ndown.exe. I get errors: ERROR: The reference pressure is not monotonically decreasing I have tried with reducing etac value to as low as 0. But I still get the error. Is there any other option that I can try without possibly changing the domain? I have looked at...
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    Hi, I just wanted to know if cumulus schemes contribute to QCLOUD, QRAIN variables or is it contributed only by microphysics scheme. Thanks.
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    cloud droplet number estimation

    Hi, I wanted to know how is cloud droplet number (QNDROP) estimated with morrisson microphysics (mp_physics=10) in wrf-chem in case of both chem_opt= 201 and 202, as 201 does not support indirect effects and 202 does. For wrf-chem the droplet number is defined on basis of nc1d in...
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    nc1d variable

    Hi, I wanted to know what does nc1d mean in module_mp_morr_two_moment.F. I am unable to relate the variable. The droplet number is defined on basis of nc1d. ! wrf-chem IF (flag_qndrop .AND. PRESENT( qndrop )) THEN qndrop(i,k,j) = nc1d(k) !jdf CSED3D(I,K,J) = CSED(K) END IF It would be of...
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    How is nc1d defined?

    Hi, I wanted to know what does nc1d mean in module_mp_morr_two_moment.F. The droplet number is defined on basis of nc1d. ! wrf-chem IF (flag_qndrop .AND. PRESENT( qndrop )) THEN qndrop(i,k,j) = nc1d(k) !jdf CSED3D(I,K,J) = CSED(K) END IF Thanks..
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    WRF-Chem 4.3 crash

    Hi, I am having trouble with running WRF-Chem 4.3 as it crashes after few moments. I have successfully run simulation with v4.2.1 using the same input data and namelist. There are no cfl or chemistry related errors. I only get segmentation fault error. Kindly let me know how can I get this...
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    AOD>0 with aerosol radiative feedback off

    Hi, Is it possible to have AOD values > 0 when aerosol radiative effects are turned off? I am getting such values, am perplexed. Appreciate any help. Thanks.
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    Results dependency on cores

    Hi, My question is regarding the model outputs of wrf chem wrt the no of processors used. Do the outputs vary with no of cores? I can check myself, but I guess someone would have thought and tested this before. Thanks.
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    Add EFFC variable to output

    Hi everyone, I want to output the cloud droplet effective radius (EFFC) from the Morrison scheme (mp_physics =10) to the wrf output. How should I proceed? Kindly help me out. Any help is highly appreciated.
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    Different spinup times

    Hi, Is it possible to use different spinup times for meteorology and chemistry? i.e I want to initialize the chemistry after some period of meteorology spinup. Thanks.
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    Request help in tracing error

    Hi, I am running with chem_opt=202. The run completes successfully but has these outputs in the rsl.out files. I haven't been able to find the reason for these outputs. Have looked at the modules but not sure why these should occur. Kindly provide your insights. Please see line #25629 and #25646...
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    Cumulus scheme support

    Hi, I have some confusion regarding the convective transport by the schemes. Do Grell-Freitas scheme support convective transport of chem species in WRF-Chem? There is a pull request for implementation of GF scheme: However if you see this part of code...
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    Plumerise bug

    Hi, There is a possible bug with biomass_burn_opt=2 when used with chem_opt=202, It gives very high sulfate concentrations near model top above active biomass burning locations. This is present in 4.1.3 and 4.2.1 (other versions I haven't checked). On turning off biomass burning emissions, the...
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    Strange output at boundaries

    Hi, I am using ndown to generate boundary conditions for an inner domain. The wrf output of this inner domain however contains narrow bands of strange values at the boundaries. I have given the output of rain variables, but holds true for T2 variable as well. The distinctiveness of the bands...
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    Aerosol wet deposition output

    Hi, I want to output the wet deposition mass for bc aerosols with chem_opt=201. I am unable to find a suitable variable in the registry. How do I do so? Kindly guide me. Neeldip
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    WRF Chem v4 user guide

    Hi, Is there an updated user guide for v4? I am only able to find the Thanks.
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    Slow model writes

    Hi, I am getting slow model writes with Netcdf4 compression.I am using Netcdf-4.5.0, netcdf-fortran-4.4.4 and hdf5-1.8.18. Also all my restart files are of different sizes. Sharing from the rsl file for a few timestamps: Timing for Writing...
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    Error with ACM2 pbl

    Hi, I am getting this error with ACM2 pbl scheme. ERROR: CHEM_INIT: num_vert_mix > ndepvel I am not finding solutions anywhere. I had successful runs with MYNN3 with the same setup but when trying out ACM2 this error occurs. Kindly guide me in resolving the issue. Thanks.