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    Perturbation of the wrfinput does not change the wrfout result

    Dear all, I manage to change the wrfinput file with a python script, I checked, and the variables I perturbed are different from the original wrfinput. Then I run the WRF Model with the perturbed input, but the output does not change. Better say, the resulting wrfout differs from the original...
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    Problem FTP data tutorial example wrf-chem

    Hi, I'm new in WRF-Chem, so I am trying to run the tutorial examples. However, I cannot access the data pointed out in the following FTP link I try to connect to the server on a Mac computer using the finder: *...
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    WRF for climate models

    Hi, Although I am familiarized with using the WRF system for Numerical Weather Prediction, I do not know how to use it for Regional Climate Models. I do not know which input data I should use and if the changes I need to make are only in the namelists.input. Can you recommend to me some...