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    Running WPS with ERA5 input

    Hi, I'm using WRF (I guess the WPS version is 3.9). I'm used to running WPS (and WRF) with ERA-Interim in model levels as input. Recently, I tried to run it with ERA5 as input and downloaded the ERA5 files on pressure levels (and surface data) from the NCAR's RDA...
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    troubles, could not find trapping x locations

    Hi, I've just compiled WRF 4.1.5 with a specified-moving nest. I can't seem to run real properly and wonder if the problem is in the compilation or there's a problem with the run. The error I'm getting is: Using sfcprs3 to compute psfc -------------- FATAL CALLED --------------- FATAL CALLED...
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    Altering WRF's initial conditions

    Hi, I'm running WRF 3.9 using ERA-Interim data (GRIB) as input. I wonder what is the best way to alter the input data (as in pseudo global warming studies. E.g., change the vertical distribution of humidity, lapse rate). I guess I can try to edit either the GRIB files or the intermediate files...