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    typo in the documentation: "cd netcdf-4.7.2" --> "cd netcdf-c-4.7.2"

    Thank you so much. If you refresh the web page, you should see the correction now.
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    ndown corrupted outputs

    Thank you for sending everything. I was able to test your case with your files and I don't seem to be having the trouble you are. I'm attaching all the namelists I used and will explain how I did everything. I used WRFv4.4.2. 1. Renamed your wrfout* files to the format expected by ndown and to...
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    ***SOLVED***error(69): process interrupted (SIGINT) when running real.exe

    Hi, I think it's very likely that you need to use more processors for this simulation. According to your rsl* file, you're only using 160. With your domain size (951 x 601) and a resolution of 4 km, you likely need many more. You could probably safely use up to ~2000 processors for this...
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    typo in the documentation: "cd netcdf-4.7.2" --> "cd netcdf-c-4.7.2"

    Hi, Can you please let us know which documentation you're referring to? If there is a link to the page with the error, please provide that. Thanks!
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    Excuse me, I would like to inquire about WRF namelist.input settings

    I'm not exactly sure I understand the question, but I'll try to respond. If you are running a 2-domain simulation, then MOST physics options must be the same for all domains. So for microphysics, if you're wanting to use option 6, this should be set as mp_physics = 6, 6 Cumulus settings can...
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    Use of Environment Variables to Direct History Output Files

    I'm not aware of a way to do this with an environment variable setting, but if you figure that out, please let us know!
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    WRF model crashing/error after running for 4 hrs

    That is very interesting, but I'm so glad you were able to find a work-around! The restart_interval is the interval at which a WRF restart file will be written out. When you have a restart file, you can run a simulation starting at that restart time, forward until the end of the full simulation...
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    WRF model crashing/error after running for 4 hrs

    Thanks for trying that. Based on the rsl* files, it looks like it's getting stuck when trying to write the restart file. As a test, can you try setting restart_interval to something smaller, like =180 and see if it's able to print it out at that time (you can run a shorter simulation just to see...
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    WRF model crashing/error after running for 4 hrs

    It looks like you're writing out a lot of files to your directory, and that your output writing intervals to those files are very often (every 15 mins or 30 mins), meaning more data is being added to the files. Could you potentially be running out of disk space? If that's not the issue, if you...
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    What happens if you use a high number of CPUs?

    Hi, As long as your follow the rules at the top of this FAQ description and ensure that each grid space is no smaller than 10x10, you SHOULD be okay. That said, you probably want more than 10x10 for a better result (e.g., 20x20).
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    real.exe error with RUC LSM (grid%tsk unreasonable)

    @muyuqingye First, make sure you are following these directions to process ERA5 data. Take a look at the Required Meteorological Fields for Running WRF section in the WRF Users' Guide for a list of mandatory input fields.
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    @Doulgas_secchi Can you confirm that you have permissions to write the geo_em* file(s) to the directory where you are trying to output the files? Can you also attach your namelist.wps file? Thanks!
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    wrf.exe stops half way

    Hi, Does it always stop after 2 days, 16 hours, regardless of what time you start the simulation, or is it just this particular start time? It will be helpful if you can attach your namelist.input file, and then package all of your error/out files (e.g., rsl.error.* and rsl.out.*) together and...
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    Set output frequency differently for 2D and 3D fields

    Henrique, If you look through the topics in the FAQ (from the home page of the forum), there are some examples of adding new variables. You also will probably find several previous posts from others about it with helpful information. You may also find this presentation from one of our tutorials...
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    ndown corrupted outputs

    Hi, Can you also upload all the following? namelist.wps (for both domains, if you have them) met_em* files (for both domain, if you have them) Thanks!
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    ungrib compiling error

    Thanks for sending those files and output. I'm asking one of our software engineers to take a look at this and will hopefully get an answer to you soon.
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    The ls.log file you sent does not show the files that should be present in the WRF/run directory. When I do an 'ls' in my run directory, this is what I get. cheyenne:wrfv4.4.2/run>ls aerosol.formatted CLM_ALB_ICE_DFS_DATA gribmap.txt...
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    When I am running wrf.exe, I only got ,but max domain is 3. If someone can help? Sincerely appreciate.

    Are you certain that wrf.exe completed running? Do you have a log file (e.g. rsl.out.0000) you can check to see if it says it was successful at the end?
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    @vanessalmeida24 Can you go to the run/ directory and issue the following: ls -ls >& ls.log and attach that ls.log file, as well as your namelist.input file and your wrf.exe error log file(s)? Thanks!
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    ungrib compiling error

    Thanks for sending those. I could be wrong, as I'm not a software engineer, but I believe the issue seems to be related to your C compiler(s). Can you issue the commands which icc >& icc.log which cpp >& cpp.log and while you're at it, issue echo $NETCDF_PATH >& netcdf.log ***EDIT: This...