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    How to extract 2m wind speed (U) and turbulent heat transfer (Ch)?

    Dear WRF-experts, I would like to perform a diagnostic analysis of 2m temperature. I saw an equation from here that it is computed from the sensible heat flux and 2m winds (U2m) and turbulent heat transfer (Ch2m). How do I extract the U2m and Ch2m? They are not in the wrfout files...
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    Mass flux rate parameters in the KF-scheme module in WRF

    Dear WRF-experts, I am looking for the following variables in the KF-scheme physics module in WRF: Coefficient related to downdraft mass flux rate (Pd) Coefficient related to entrainment mass flux rate (Pe) Unfortunately, I can't find these variables Pd and Pe in the module...
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    No FRC_URB2D generated in domain 3

    @kwerner, I just followed the tutorial in the Documentation (Chapter 3). The problem was in the way we wrote the urban fraction file. Just follow the steps in Chapter 3 (Creating an urban fraction field from NLCD data)
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    TKE and Friction Velocity in WRF

    Thanks @kwerner! It appears that TKE is a prognostic variable of certain PBL schemes like the MYJ scheme. The friction velocity is here: I am using the Revised MM5 for the surface layer physics. but how do I output this...
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    No FRC_URB2D generated in domain 3

    @kwerner, You are correct. The problem is with the binary file. I got this working now.
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    TKE and Friction Velocity in WRF

    Dear WRF-experts, I would like to ask how do I output TKE and Friction velocity from the WRF model? Or maybe you can point me to the equations for solving this using the normal output of WRF? I'll appreciate any help on this!
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    No FRC_URB2D generated in domain 3

    Hi Kwerner, I followed your suggestion, but I'm still getting the same result. Also attached is the plot of the urban fraction binary file. I ued Landsat2018 data Attached are the screenshots. Why do domains 1 and 2 have values (actually the values are weird), while domain 3 has no value? The...
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    No FRC_URB2D generated in domain 3

    Dear WRF experts, I am creating a new FRC_URB2D file, but for some reason, it is not properly read and integrated by geogrid. All my files are uploaded here including the namelist.wps, GEOGRID.TBL, and the binary files...
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    How to display vertical levels from wrfbdy or wrfout file

    Dear WRF experts, To display timesteps in wrfout or wrfbdy, I use ncdump -v Times wrfout I would like to know how can I display the values of the vertical levels (bottom_top or bottom_top_stag) in the wrfbdy and wrfout file. The command ncdump -v says, that these variables does not exist but...
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    How to create FRC_URB2D for MODIS and USGS LULC

    Dear WRF experts, I have modified the default MODIS and USGS with the latest LULLC from our national mapping agency in the Philippines. I am planning to run WRF now with modified FRC_URB2D. I think that for now, this is only available in the US, as given in the GEOGRID.TBL name=FRC_URB2D...
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    Temperature over a lake

    Dear WRF-experts, I activated the sf_lake_physics in the namelist.input. How do I extract the lake surface temperature? I checked the Registry.EM_COMMON but cannot find the lake surface temperature. Is this variable equivalent to the Skin Surface Temperature and not the 2-m temperature? I'll...
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    Topography Smoothing in WPS

    Awesome! Thanks @mgduda
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    Topography Smoothing in WPS

    Hello WRF-experts, I'm conducting experiments in WRF where I modify the topography (e.g., 1/2 the default) in the geo_em files (3 nested domains; finest domain is 1km). I'm not sure if this approach is correct since geogrid applies smoothing to the topography. Is there another smoothing...
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    How to use MODIS 21 caterogy with Urban Canopy Model

    Dear WRF-experts, I want to do a wrf run using MODIS 21-cat as the land use/cover and coupled with UCM. If I use the USGS land use/cover data, I can set the num_land_cat to 33 according to the documentation: 31 (low intensity), 32 (high intensity), 33 (commercial/industrial) The...
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    Weird results after converting netcdf to WPS intermediate files

    Hi Kwerner, The problem is not the plotting. I think it's the fortran converter code. It did not successfully compiled. Is there anyone here who was able to successfully compile this script (the nercdf to intermediate converter)? I'll...
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    Weird results after converting netcdf to WPS intermediate files

    Dear WRF users, I converted OISST netcdf to grib format. I am using the script from the WRF directory. netcdf-to-intermediate.f When I compiled the code, I removed this line: integer, intrinsic :: iargc and added this line...
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    Running avg_tsfc.exe in WPS

    Thanks @kwerner I also read somewhere that this is the case. Only one file per month...
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    Problem with Lake_depth documentation

    Dear WRF-experts, According to WRF-chapter 3, How can I plot the lakedepth from geogrid? If I use the modis+lake or usgs+lake, do they have information on the lake depth? Is this what's being meant by the documentation? Also, If I set the use_lakedepth = 1, will WRF ignore the default...
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    Running avg_tsfc.exe in WPS

    Dear WRF-experts, I am doing a 1 month simulation in WRF with an inland lake at daily resolution. I would like to use the avg_tsfc.exe to update the temperature of the inland lake. The problem is that, when I run avg_tsfc.exe, there is only 1 file created and not 30 files. I thought that this...
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    WRFDA 4dvar segmentation fault in tutorial

    Did anyone solve this issue? Im having the same issue with 4dvar..3dvar example works fine! -Lyndz