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    Horizontal shifting when interpolating WRF file with NDOWN.exe (compared to CDO remapbil)

    Arty, Thank you for the update. As I stated previously, the slight shift is caused by difference in map projection. We will see whether we can update the user's guide to further clarify the issue.
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    a segmentation fault when performing metgrid.exe

    Is this a nested case? can you upload your full namelist.wps for me to take a look? Thanks.
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    WRF-BEM/BEP, why is the CM_AC_URB3D (AC consumption) all zero?

    Tony, I believe the LCZ category is an issue here. This is because the urban local climate zone (LCZ) numbers of 31-41 overlap with NLCD land categories, which may cause errors. For more details, please see
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    ./real.exe: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

    The Unix operating system usually looks at the environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH to search the directories in the path for the library. Try issuing these commands: echo $LD_LIBRARY_PATH If the path where your is located is not included, then (in ksh, for example) please...
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    No, 'h' could be anywhere in the 8th column for a state variable. By the way, which radiation scheme are you using? Note that not all radiation schemes calculate SWDDNI, SWDDIF, SWDDIR etc. CAM, GODDARD, RRTMG are the schemes that can output the above variables.
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    UCM model Issue

    By saying "point-to-point same", do you mean the wrfout files from the two runs are identical? Can you check whether you have the file 'diffwrf' existing in in WRF/external/io_netcdf? if so, please issue the command: WRF/external/io_netcdf/diffwrf wrfout_urban wrfout_no_urban > log (Note I...
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    WRF4.5.1 takes 50min for a 6min case in WRF4.2.2

    I guess you are running WRFV4.5.1 using only one processors. Please let me know if I am wrong. I ask tis because I found that "WRF NUMBER OF TILES = 1" in your wrf451_1.0000 log file. This is related to other issues: (1) How did you compile WRFv4.4.2 and WRFv4.5.1? (2) How did you run them...
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    -------------- FATAL CALLED --------------- FATAL CALLED FROM FILE: set_timekeeping.G LINE: 257 WRFU_TimeSet(stopTime) FAILED Routine returned

    Your namelist options below are wrong: end_month = 8, 8, 8, 2020, 2020, end_day = 20, 20, 20,2020, 2020, Please correct the time, then rerun real.exe
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    The way to turn of the radiation in the WRF model?

    What are the values of RTHRATEN when you run wrf.exe with radiation scheme being turned off ?
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    CLWRF: 'CAMtr_volume_mixing_ratio' does not exist

    Jen, Various CAMtr_volume_mixing data for different scenarios can be found in WRF/run directory. When you run WRF under one specific scenario, you need to link the corresponding CAMtr data as "CAMtr_volume_mixing_ratio" your working directory . For example, suppose you are running wrf..exe...
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    ARWpost is an obsolete postproces package for WRF. Development has been stopped years ago, Python and NCAR NCL have been widely applied for analysis and visualization of WRF data in recent yers.
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    Question about removing orography in WRF

    I would suggest you remove HGT from files, then rerun metgrid.exe and real.exe. This is because HGT is used for vertical interpolation in REAL program. It affects both wrfinput and wrfbdy files. If you simply remove it from wrfinput, its impact still exists in wrfbdy.
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    dveg option for NOAH-MP LSM

    Hi Alessandro, I looked at your namelist.inout. Both the physics and dynamic options look appropriate. The only concern I have is the resolution of your case. Note that cumulus scheme works fine for grid interval larger than 10km, and it should be turned off when grid interval is smaller than...
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    Negative Q2 values over very high elevations and snow

    Hi, For the equation to calculate RR, we tracked it down to an OSU 1d model by Ek and Mahrt (1991). RGAS=287 and CP=1004 works out about right. Factor becomes 8/7. Thereby the RR calculation is correct.
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    SFCEVP is ACCUMULATED SURFACE EVAPORATION with positive values upward. This means that when there is evaporation from the surface to the upper air, the value is positive. If condensation occurs, then its value is negative.
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    WRF stating that Landuse type = USGS Found but landuse categorisation in WPS was Modis_IGBP

    Can you issue the command ncdump -h geo_em.d01.,nc | grep MMINLU What is the output?
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    After you change the registry file, please do ./clean -an and recompile the code.
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    WRF4.5.1 takes 50min for a 6min case in WRF4.2.2

    I looked at the files rsl422.out and wf451. It seems that wf451.0000 is output from an initial run, while rsl422 is from a restart run. Please let me if I am wrong. Can you run the same case with the same settings and see whether there is large difference in the computation between them?
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    Negative Q2 values over very high elevations and snow

    Hi, I have talked to our physics expert and Noah LSM expert. Unfortunately we haven't figured out yet the physical meaning of the constant " 6.48E-8" in the equation. I am sorry that I don't have an immediate answer to this question. We will continue to pay attention to this issue and keep you...
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    Negative Q2 values over very high elevations and snow

    Many thanks for the update. We will take a look at the equation RR = EMISSI*T24 * 6.48E-8 / (SFCPRS * CH) + 1.0 and get back to you. Thanks again.