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    Low Ozone concentration

    Hi Naser, Phot_opt = 1 is the recommended photolysis scheme for this chemical option. Please try setting chemdt = 0 and turning off all interactions with physics/aerosols, leaving only gas chemistry on. Also, what do your initial conditions look like? Have you performed more than one day of...
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    Too much slow simulation process

    Hi, please try setting chemdt = 0. Chem_opt = 202 is a very large package and requires significant computational overhead.
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    Program received signal SIGABRT: Process abort signal.

    Hi, please try setting: mozart_ph_diag = 1
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    Low Ozone concentration

    Hi Naser, Please provide your namelist. Also, do you see a typical diurnal cycle of NO2? How "low" is low? Jordan
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    Hi! ppm to DU or g/m3, etc

    Hi, conc x 1e6 = ppm conc x 1e9 = ppb conc x 1e12 = ppt Jordan
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    fail to run wrf after adding new variables to chem array

    Hi Liqing, Please attach your changes to the code. Did you './clean -a' before recompiling? Jordan
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    Huge rsl files due to "refi is larger than lookup table" warnings

    Yes, just comment them out and recompile and they won't show up anymore. Jordan
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    Huge rsl files due to "refi is larger than lookup table" warnings

    Hi, I am looking back at your modifcation, and I don't think it is appropriate to reset the debug level within module_optical_averaging.F (If this is not what you've done, please attach a differenced file). Why don't you just reduce your debug level in your namelist to < 100. Or just comment...
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    Modeled Temperature highly Underestimated

    Hi, You said "I think the model has extracted the temperature at 1000m height above the ground surface" - what make you think this? How are you extracting the data to compare? Do you see these low values when looking at the file through, e.g., ncview? Jordan
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    WRF-Chem hangs after a few minutes of running

    Hi Prerita, If the only changes you made were to the emissions, please double check that your emission modifications were successful and did not produce spurious values that could crash the chemistry. Also, please look at the tail of other rsl.* files as there are often unique messages in the...
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    Query on the unit conversion formula of the aerosol species output of WRF-Chem simulation

    Hi Ankan, You could try India’s Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), I don't remember if they have BC specifically. Otherwise you can search for field campaigns and modify your time period. Jordan
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    Looking for help with E_PM_25I definition for RADM2/MADE/SORGAM

    Hi Phillip, This looks to include what you need, of course you could take a look at NCAR's EPA_ANTHRO_EMIS tool that does what your NCL script does. 1) Did you include wildfire emissions? This could be the reason for low estimates in summer? 2) What horizontal and # of vertical levels are you...
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    Query on the unit conversion formula of the aerosol species output of WRF-Chem simulation

    Ankan, You need to multiple the mass mixing ration by air density (kg/m3), where rho = (1/287)*P/T. Aerosol datasets will depend on the region of interest, e.g., the IMPROVE network over the US has BC. Jordan
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    On the output of Photosynthetically Active Radiation in wrf chem

    Hi Peng, PAR is a chemical compound (parrafins), not photosynthetically active radiation. You are looking for the diagnostic "ph_par" part of phot_opt=4. You will need to change the registry or add the ph_par field to an io_fields file (see User Guide) if you want to output it. Jordan
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    RRTMG scheme and ozone profile

    Hi Mauro, You have aer_ra_feedback = 1, so while ozone impacts on radiation will be the same between CTRL and RUN1, you'll have the impacts from your prognostic aerosols. AER_OPT = 0 does NOT turn off impacts from prognostic aerosols, it just tells the model not to input a climatology. A...
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    RRTMG scheme and ozone profile

    Hi Mauro, Will take a look at this. Can you attach your namelist (input and output)? Also, which version of WRF-Chem are you using? Thanks. Jordan
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    Urgent need, Segmentation fault

    Hi, it is not clear from your rsl.error what has occured. Please look at the tail of your other rsl.error and rsl.out files to see if there is more unique information. Jordan
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    Problem with adding SOA variables in iofields in WRF-Chem V4.4.1

    Hi Soroush, Apologies, it looks like those variables are in a package: package diag_aero aero_diag_opt==1 -...
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    Problem with adding SOA variables in iofields in WRF-Chem V4.4.1

    Hi Soroush, It's unclear to me why the io_fields options isn't working. You can try modifying the registry instead: state real soa_a01 ikj misc 1 - r "soa_a01" "soa_a01" "ug m^-3" to state real soa_a01...
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    Error in compile WRF-Chem 4.4

    HI, There is a bug in the v4.4 release. If you issue the compile command again (after the failed compile), it should compile fine. Otherwise, see: WRF-Chem v4.4