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  1. RCarpenter

    Problems running Urban UCM and WUDAPT LCZ

    I am having trouble using the single-layer UCM with WRF 4.5.1. WRF dies after about 1.5 hours with little diagnostic info. I’m running GEOGRID with geog_data_res = 'cglc_modis_lcz+modis_lai+modis_30s_lake+30s', … I’m using NoahMP and sf_urban_physics = 1, 1, 1 use_wudapt_lcz = 1 num_land_cat...
  2. RCarpenter

    Accumulated snow not zero at initial time on nested grids

    I have a nested WRF run in which I launch a nested grid 6 hours after the outer grid. In the first history file on the nest, the accumulated snow and snow melt fields (ACSNOW, ACSNOM) are non-zero. Apparently they are interpolated from the outer grid. Instead, I want these accumulations to start...
  3. RCarpenter

    Nested Domain Design Tool

    I use GIS4WRF, which is a plugin for QGIS. It will generate a namelist.wps file for you. It focuses on the design of the innermost grid and allows you to specify the padding of each nest.
  4. RCarpenter

    Noah-MP water budget error on restart

    The problem seems to occur fairly often when restarting. The error is seen in the rsl output on one or more patches. It may related to adaptive time stepping. There is a bug in which the restart dumps on nested grids don't occur exactly on output times (I and others have reported this). For...
  5. RCarpenter

    Noah-MP water budget error on restart

    When restarting a WRF run in v4.3.3, a water budget error is sometimes triggered. This seems to be called from phys/module_sf_noahmplsm.F, where a criterion of ABS(ERRWAT) > 0.1 is used. I do not see this error if the model runs to completion without being restarted. Output: The model is...
  6. RCarpenter

    Configure option 67 INTEL (ifort/icc): HSW/BDW

    It seems that arch/configure.defaults was altered last year, with the result that configure option 67 is picking up option 16 instead. You can see this because configure.wrf doesn't contain the string "AVX". A workaround is to slightly alter the #ARCH string for option 67. This issue was...
  7. RCarpenter

    Successor to the WRF Domain Wizard?

    I use QGIS/GIS4WRF, though it was a bear to setup with Homebrew on my Mac.
  8. RCarpenter

    NWP scientist opening at DTN

    DTN has an opening for an NWP scientist to assist with our expanding suite of models, including WRF, MPAS, and oceanographic models, as well as our unified forecast engine. Candidates are welcome to work remotely...
  9. RCarpenter

    Using GeoCAT to plot MPAS on native mesh

    Has anyone used GeoCAT to plot MPAS on its native mesh? I know that capability exists in NCL, but I don't know if it has been ported to GeoCAT.
  10. RCarpenter

    Interpretation of timer information in log file

    Can we say that I/O time = total time - (initialize + time integration) ?
  11. RCarpenter

    Time to create vertical grid

    I was using a single rank for the 46-12km mesh, and it was taking a while. With many MPI ranks I see that the overall time, including vertical grid generation, is quite small, so this isn't going to be an issue. Thanks for the quick response.
  12. RCarpenter

    Time to create vertical grid

    I am noticing that the amount of time it takes to create the vertical grid is significant, perhaps more than half the time of an init_atmosphere run. I am using typical/default parameters in the namelist. Is there a way to speed this up? Or, can init_atmosphere be run with only...
  13. RCarpenter

    Interpretation of timer information in log file

    I'd like to understand the timer information that is printed at the bottom of the log.atmosphere.0000.out file. Some specific questions are: Why does the initialization time seem so small (initialize + time integration < total time)? What is the interpretation of parallel efficiency? Sample...
  14. RCarpenter

    PREC_ACC_NC in wrfsfc files not resetting with adaptive time step option

    I have a related issue to report. Recently, PREC_ACC_NC in wrfsfc files on nested has not been resetting at hourly intervals (prec_acc_dt = 60, 60, 60), but has continued to accumulate. This behavior began in our real-time runs on 8 May 2021 (which I casually note is the 128th day of the year)...
  15. RCarpenter

    Noah-MP error using HRRR snow cover

    If snow=0, ensure snowh=0. Else if snowh=0 (and snow > 0), initialize snowh from snow. If neither condition is met, that means snowh > 0 and snow > 0, and we do not want to overwrite snowh.
  16. RCarpenter

    Noah-MP error using HRRR snow cover

    I have tested the following patch, which modifies snowh as we discussed. ELSE DO j=jts,MIN(jde-1,jte) DO i=its,MIN(ide-1,ite) IF ( skip_middle_points_t ( ids , ide , jds , jde , i , j , em_width , hold_ups ) ) CYCLE IF ( grid%snow(i,j) .EQ...
  17. RCarpenter

    Noah-MP error using HRRR snow cover

    I am happy to report that this seems to have solved the problem. You can see the GFS/HRRR border across Canada. I am wondering if the fix might be too aggressive? The code seems to set snowh to snow / 200 everywhere. Maybe it should just set it where snowh = 0?
  18. RCarpenter

    Noah-MP error using HRRR snow cover

    Here is an example of what I am seeing. The red dots are where SNOW > 0 but SNOWH = 0. This seems to occur on the margins of snow cover and perhaps over lakes. The white areas are where both are > 0.
  19. RCarpenter

    Noah-MP error using HRRR snow cover

    I can confirm that both of those flags are set to 1. It seems to be an intermittent problem. For instance, it might occur for one model cycle but not the next. I am using real-time data over CONUS, so there is plenty of snow.
  20. RCarpenter

    Noah-MP error using HRRR snow cover

    I'm trying to initialize a run with GFS, but with higher-resolution snow cover from HRRR. The runs are failing during the first time step: problem with initial snow fields: snow/snowh>0 while snowh/snow=0 at i,j 185 276 0.1057081 0.0000000E+00 The model is losing water...