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    Physics and other Parameters for Precipitation

    oh ok! Do you think running the WRF with even number might affect the accuracy of the output like precipitation, temperature etc. ?
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    Physics and other Parameters for Precipitation

    Hi, I wanted to run a simulation of a storm for the following region - With 12km, 6km and 3km spatial resolution. Currently I am using the following namelist - So, for precipitation data what should be the best configuration for the physics parameters or any other parameter which plays a...
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    WRF Output Discrepency

    Yes I have two setups Approach 1 - Single Namelist file with dates - [2022-07-18_12:00:00 to 2022-07-20_12:00:00] Approach 2 - Each Namelist file having 3 hour chunk of the above 48 hr duration - Namelist1 - 2022-07-18_12:00:00 to 2022-07-18_15:00:00...
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    WRF Output Discrepency

    Hi, I was actually trying to run the WRF model using 2 configurations - 1) 48 hr duration (2022-07-18_12:00:00 to 2022-07-20_12:00:00) 2) 48 hr duration but in 3hr chunks (Simulation_1: "2022-07-18_12:00:00 to 2022-07-18_15:00:00", ... ,Simulation_16: "2022-07-20_09:00:00 to...
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    Hi, I was trying to run the WRF model to see the precipitation data during the storm, but every time in the WRF output I get zero values in the RAINC and RAINNC variables. So is there some particular namelist configuration or some other output variable in the WRF output that gives the...
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    Segmentation Error Because of gaps/issue in the input data

    Hi, The Issue got resolved. The downloaded met data did not had all the weather parameters. I downloaded again with all weather parameters and it worked
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    WRF based on Hourly data

    Hi, I am actually interested in getting hourly data(meteorological data) for my WRF model for historical cases but unable to find any resource that provides historical input data for it less than 3hrs. So can you suggest any particular resource from where we can get the hourly input data for...
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    Segmentation Error Because of gaps/issue in the input data

    Hi, I was trying to run a WRF simulation but, the model was failing by giving segmentation fault error during the WRF.exe. So I say the thread that it can be because of 0 values in the input soil data. Also when I examined the met files I say 0 values there - Is there a way it can ignore these...
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    WRF Output for any Single Variable

    Hi, I wanted to know is it possible to configure the WRF model to only compute only 1 or 2 weather variables like: precipitation, wind speed? If not what are variables for which the WRF model will always generate the output? The reason I was asking was because WRF model was taking a lot of time...
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    Bottom_top dimension in WRF output

    Thanks you but just another follow up question - So how many levels you would suggest to keep? Because I am only interested in the data near the surface so from the performance perspective, I was trying to reduce the levels.
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    Bottom_top dimension in WRF output

    Hi, I am running WRF model simulation and not sure that which namelist configuration is actually affecting the bottom_top dimension in wrf output? For the same lat,long I am getting output at 32 different levels. But I do not need 32 levels for a single lat/long(only 2-3 would be enough for...
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    Met Data for WRF - ds084.1

    Hi With respect to the dataset ds084.1 on the rda.ucar website I have a couple of questions - Q1) Why does it misses the multiple of 6 hours when we request for 3-hour forecast like - Product = 3-hour Forecast start Date = 2023-05-09_00:00 End Date = 2023-05-09_12:00 Valid_Times = [2023-05-09...
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    ICE Thickness/Accumulation - CANICE variable in the WRF

    Hi, I was actually facing difficulty in figuring out whether the CANICE(mm) output in WRF is incremental or cumulative(total ice accumulated from start till that particular time instant)? The reason why I am asking is because I ran a simulations for an ice storms and then after observing the...