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    ERROR in build MPAS

    As Whatheway said, it may be worth trying the latest PIO release (2.5.7 as of the time of writing this post). I know that some of our documentation mentions using PIO 1.7.1, but we should probably update that. In case you're familiar with switching branches in a Git repository, you can try...
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    Instability from MYM_TURBULENCE2.5

    Unfortunately, I'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to vertical level configuration. I'll ask around to see if there's someone else who may be able to provide some advice, here. Are you increasing the number of levels by simply setting config_nvertlevels = 94 and letting the...
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    Instability from MYM_TURBULENCE2.5

    From your log file it looks like you have 93 vertical layers / 94 vertical levels: Do you see the same issues if you use the default 55 levels?
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    PIO1.f90 error &

    Just to make sure I understand, you were able to successfully build after making some adjustments to the HDF5 and NetCDF links?
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    Failure to run ungrib after HPC OS update: not found

    There is an even simpler option that just occurred to me, and that is to simply clean and recompile in your existing WPS directory. If the paths to static libraries haven't changed, this may work to give you updated WPS executables; and, if it doesn't work, I suppose you're no worse off in that...
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    Failure to run ungrib after HPC OS update: not found

    Was it someone else who installed WRF and the WPS in the past? If not, you can essentially follow the same steps as before. However, if you're new to installing WRF and the WPS, at a high level, you'll need to (1) locate your installations of various libraries and set environment variables...
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    Initialization using ERA5

    Are the ERA5 files you are downloading in NetCDF or GRIB format? The file format will determine how you need to pre-process the files in order to get them into the "intermediate" file format required by the init_atmosphere_model program. In my opinion, working with ERA5 files in GRIB format...
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    20-km benchmark case

    We haven't made our mesh generation software publicly available, so once I have generated the 20-km mesh, I'll follow up here to let you know that the mesh is available.
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    60-10 Km model integration

    Thanks for the clarification on the filenames -- I was wondering whether you might have created your own mesh through some means, and with 23M grid cells, using something like io_type="pnetcdf,cdf5" would be necessary. But, for the 60-10 km mesh from our download page with < 1M grid cells, my...
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    Failure to run ungrib after HPC OS update: not found

    I would agree that recompiling the WPS in order to link with the new JasPer library is probably the way to go.
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    60-10 Km model integration

    Could you clarify whether the 60-10 km mesh you are using is the one from the mesh download page with 999426 horizontal grid cells? Your streams files reference files with the prefix "x6.23061988", which by our naming convention would suggest a mesh that refines by a factor of six, but with...
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    20-km benchmark case

    We don't currently provide software for generating new meshes, so generating a 20-km mesh is something that we will do for you.
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    20-km benchmark case

    At present we don't have a 20-km benchmark case, and in order to generate this yourself you would need a 20-km mesh. While we don't actually have a 20-km quasi-uniform mesh at present, we could generate one and make it available on the mesh download page in the near future. I'll follow up in...
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    Reserved variables in streams namelist

    Unfortunately, there isn't a variable that evaluates to the forecast hour. For reference, all available (and supported) variables are listed in Section 5.1 of the User's Guide. Just in case you're interested in adding this functionality, the place to start would probably be the...
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    Reading MPAS output with NetCDF Fortran

    Actually, the convert_mpas program uses the Fortran90 interface to the NetCDF library for reading the native MPAS output, so there shouldn't be any limitations in the Fortran NetCDF library interface. In the past, I've found it helpful in debugging these sorts of errors to add write statements...
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    warning of index, unrecognized option in entry 10

    I don't think the use of 'default' for the geog_data_res will guarantee correct results in all cases. For example, if I introduce a new field, FOO, with the following GEOGRID.TBL entry =============================== name = FOO priority = 1 dest_type = continuous...
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    avg_tsfc.exe - no daily mean temperature

    I think the description in the User's Guide (which I admit I may have written...) is probably not accurate. The avg_tsfc.exe program computes the average 2-m air temperature over the largest number of 24-h periods from the start_date to the end_date in your namelist.wps file, and writes the...
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    warning of index, unrecognized option in entry 10

    The entry numbers in the geogrid warning messages can sometimes be misleading, so it may not be the 10th option in your 'index' files that is unrecognized. But, you can quickly identify the problematic option in your 'index' file by first commenting out all entries in your 'index' file with a #...
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    Soil Temperature/Moisture Update?

    One of the complicating factors in trying to update the soil moisture and soil temperature fields in the same way as SST and sea ice is that the soil fields are prognosed by the Noah LSM. I realize it's been quite a while since this topic was posted (I had to do a double-take on the year --...
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    Interpolating with conservative method MPAS limited-area outputs to lat/lon grid

    Although I don't have any suggestions to offer at the moment, I did have one question: are the target grids to which you're remapping fields completely contained within the bounds of the regional MPAS mesh? Or are there cells in the target grid that are only partially covered (or not covered at...