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1)Wrong time-varying SST update problem in wrfout, 2) Strange SST data in wrflowinput file

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Hi all,

I recently started to update SST data and found some problems.
I used WRF v.4.1.2, FNL 1.0degree (2012091200 to 2012091800, 6hr interval) for initial/boundary , and OISST (2012091200 to 2012091800, 24h interval) for SST data.

I followed the WRF tutorial page for updating SST data here,(
And I successfully got SST field in metgrid data , and also in wrflowinput after running real.exe.

However, I found that the SST fields were updated at the wrong time (6hr behind the expected time) in the wrfout file.
It was suspicious that the SST data of the first and second timestep in the wrfout file were the same.
These results are suspected to be due to the SST of the first time step being taken from wrfinput and then from wrflowinput.

If not, I have no idea what the problem is..
If anyone has solved this problem, I hope someone to help me.

And also,
I found another suspicious thing in the wrflowinput file.
I updated SST data for every 00 UST, but I found some strange SST values at 06, 12, 18h in the wrflowinput file.
Because I deleted SKINTEMP in Vtable.GFS and I performed ungrib separately for SST data.
Thus, I don't have any TSK or SST variable at 06, 12, 18h, but I got some strange sst(tsk?) values in the wrflowinput file.
I just followed the tutorial, but I wonder if I can trust these values..

I attached SST fields at first and second timestep in wrflowinput file and at first(=second) and third timestep in wrfout file.
And I also attached namelist.input file.

Please help me!!!


  • namelist.input
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  • sst_at_third_timestep_in_wrfout.JPG
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  • sst_at_first_timestep_in_wrfout.JPG
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  • sst_at_second_timestep_in_wrflowinput.JPG
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  • sst_at_first_timestep_in_wrflowinput.JPG
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I apologize for the delay in response. My email notification must have gotten deleted or put in the wrong place. I just saw this posted on the forum with 0 response. Thank you for your patience.

Can you please send your rsl.out.0000 file, and your namelist.wps? Thanks!