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3-day ahead weather forecast using WRF-ARW based on historical data.


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Can WRF-ARW perform a 3 day forecast based on historical data? I am trying to run wrf model beyond the given input days but it is getting stopped.
Unfortunately you must have the input dates and times available for the full WRF simulation time.
Dear kwerner,
In this website the researchers are running wrf using input at 4AM Local using 0000 UTC input data from the National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) Global Forecast System (GFS) Model and Forecast data and graphics are generated out to 72 hours for three domains centered on (1) The Eastern U.S. with 27-km horizontal grid spacing; (2) The Northeast U.S. with 9-km horizontal grid spacing; and (3) New England with 3-km horizontal grid spacing (see image at right). here is the link PSU Real-Time WRF Model.
From where they are getting the input for next 72 hours?
Can you please help me to understand this?
Subhra Sekhar Maity
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I'm not entirely sure where other models get their input from, but there is likely information about that available on their websites. The GFS is a global model and WRF is a regional model that uses domains nested the full area of the Earth. To run a regional domain, you must have boundary conditions at regular intervals. I would assume the simulations you're looking at are doing the same, but they are pulling in data using some sort of automation behind the scenes.