5 layer thermal diffusion scheme vs. NOAH LSM, temperature results


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I am evaluating the results between different Land Surface Models used in WRF. When using the NOAH LSM, I get more accurate 2 meter temperature results compared to the 5 layer thermal diffusion scheme. The 5 layer thermal diffusion scheme yields less accurate and LOWER temperatures.
What about these land surface models can explain these results? Why would the 5 layer model have lower temperatures than the NOAH, as opposed to higher temperatures?

Ming Chen

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The 5-layer thermal diffusion scheme is a simple land surface scheme. It doesn't explicitly address vegetation effects. Initial soil moisture and soil temperature are specified values that depend on landuse and season. These factors make it less physically reasonable compared to Noah. This is why the results of this scheme is not as good as Noah.


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I also evaluated the temperature results between NOAH LSM and 5 layer thermal diffusion scheme, There is much difference between these two. I checked soil moisture values for 5 layer thermal diffusion scheme, it is showing zero values totally, why it happened like this?