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Abnormal pressure in the wrfout

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I am a beginner of wrf. I had compiled WRFV4.0 and try to use it to simulate three typhoon experiments. I drew the sea level pressure and wind at 10m(used the ncl), but I found that the first time step wrfout file's(the time is equaled to the start time in running wrf) pressure values were abnormally(the range and the distribution), and all of the three experiments had the same problems. There are other two beginners use wrfv4.0 to simulate other experiments(they simulated the rainfall), and I had asked for their wrfout files at first time step, then I noticed that the same problems occurred. I also drew the pressure at eta=0, and it seemd abnormally either. I drew the wrfinput but found that the pressure values weren't abnormally. I want to know how to solve this problem, is there anything wrong with my namelist settings or the running steps?
My running steps: set the namelist.wps, run the geogrid.exe, link the Vtable.GFS and use link_grib.csh to link the FNL data, run the ungrib.exe, run the metgrib.exe, cd the $WRFDIR and link the met_em.d0* in $WPSDIR, run the real.exe, finally run the wrf.exe.
The initial fields I used are "NCEP GDAS/FNL 0.25 Degree Global Tropospheric Analyses and Forecast Grids"(ds083.3), namelist settings and the SLP picture from wrfout and wrfinput I have attached below.(I attach the d02 picture, and both d01 and d02 files have the abnormal values)


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Would you please rerun this case with the newer version of WRF like WRFv4.0.3? I ask this because we found a bug in WRFV4.0 that leads to wrong output at the beginning ( this only affects the output but won't affect the subsequent model run). For more details, please see the release note on the website below:
Hi Ming Chen,

Thanks for your help.
I had complied the WRFV4.0.3 and rerun the case, and the SLP in the wrfout was normal. :D