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About evaporation of seawater

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Hello. I am investigating the evaporation of seawater. I checked the ctl file output by ARWpost.exe. There are Q2, QVAPOR, QFX, etc. Is QFX the evaporation amount of seawater?

Also in WRF ./phys
Which module is calculating it?
QFX is moisture flux at the surface. It is 2D array that covers each individual grids. if you only want to look at the data over the ocean, you can extract a subset of QFX based on landsea mask (i.e., only get QFX over ocean points).
I don't know much about land sea mask. Does it mean to distinguish between land and sea using an if statement with xland variables?
landmask is a variable included in wrfout. The value is '0' for water points and '1' for land points. Based on this variable, it is easy to distinguish land and ocean points in the model domain.
I understand. Thank you very much.

I'm sorry, I forgot to ask one. I want to change QFX by specifying time and area. Please tell me the name of the module to be rewritten.