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About Precipitation Concept


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I'm Japanese student.
So my english is not good.

I have a question about the relationship between precipitation and grid points that I don't understand.
Does precipitation(RAINC,RAINNC) cover the simulation area regardless of grid distance?(Attach file)

Either that, or **kilometers around the grid point do you want to cover only?


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The value of the variables (RAINC, RAINNC, for e.g.) are calculated at the center grid point, regardless of the grid distance. This is why a higher resolution provides more accurate results. Does that answer your question?
thank you.
I've solved most of what I wanted to know.
But,I have 1 question.
I need to know the range of grid points. For example, 1m*1m, 1km*1km, ...

Thanks for your help.
Can you clarify your question? What do you mean by the "range?" If you are questioning the unit used for DX and DY, it is in kilometers.
Okay, then depending on what you have DX and DY set to, it is that value, squared. So if you have, for e.g.,
DX = 25000
DY = 25000
The area is 25 x 25 km.