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Abrupt Increase in Surface Temperature (TSK) estimate

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Dear users,

I having trouble with Surface temperature TSK estimated by the model, I have tried with different physics combinations but there seems to be an abrupt increase in the estimated temperature by about 6 to 7 deg celcius than normal which is happening around 12 to 18 UTC. Also this is happening only when I use Noah LSM scheme. I am sure why the model is over predicting only during that time period. Scheme selection seems to be problem

I am using WRF V4 with MODIS data as an input for Land use-Land cover

What could be the reason for this abrupt jump in temperature especially when using the Noah LSM scheme. what options should I change in the namelist to mitigate this issue.

I am attaching the namelist.input for your reference.

View attachment namelist.input

Since this is a question about WRF and not MPAS-Atmosphere, I've moved this topic to the "WRF Model" / "WRF Physics" section of the forum.
In your nameless.input, num_soil_layers = 2, this value should be 4 for NOAH LSM. Please change this option and try again.
I am not sure whether this can mitigate the problem.
Please also try NoahMP and see whether the simulation can be improved.