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adaptive time stepping; run ends before time

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When I run WRF with adaptive_time_step set to .true, there are times when the WRF run ends prematurely, either at the very beginning or at some point before the defined end of simulation time with the regular message:

Timing for main (dt= 0.00): time 2015-04-23_03:00:00 on domain 1: 3.58631 elapsed seconds
d01 2015-04-23_03:00:00 wrf: SUCCESS COMPLETE WRF

In this particular case it only ran for 3 hours while it should have run for 18. It stops without any warning. What it looks strange is that dt = 0.00.

I am running a two way nested domains configuration with 4500 and 900m resolution respectively.
My namelist options for the adaptive time step are:

time_step = 30,
time_step_fract_num = 0,
time_step_fract_den = 1,
max_dom = 2,

use_adaptive_time_step = .true.,
step_to_output_time = .true.,
target_cfl = 1.2, 1.2,
max_step_increase_pct = 5, 51,
starting_time_step = -1, -1,
max_time_step = 30, 5,
min_time_step = -1, -1,

What am I doing wrong?
Thank you for any help or advice.

Can you take a look at this post to see if the modified file (adap_timestep_em.F) corrects your problem?

I'm not sure what version of the code you are using, so the corrected file may need to be slightly modified, depending on your version. If you need help with that, let me know.