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Bad return value from PIO when interpolating real-data initial conditions

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When I want to interpolate real-data initial conditions and generate the "" file, there will be some errors "Bad return value from PIO". I use the "15-km – 3-km" mesh, and set "config_native_gwd_static = false". I also set "config_block_decomp_file_prefix=x5.6488066.cvt.part.".

I find that there is only "x5.6488066.cvt.part.256" in the mesh, could I use more cores? How to find other ".cvt.part." files? May be the ".cvt.part." file is relation to the error "Bad return value from PIO". Then, do I have to use "cvt" partition file rather than regular METIS partition file in the MPAS v7.0 when interpolating static, geographical fields and interpolating real-data initial conditions?

Here are my log files. If I make any mistakes, please point them out. Looking forward to your reply. Thanks.


  • log.init_atmosphere.0000.out.txt
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  • log.init_atmosphere.0000.err.txt
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  • namelist.init_atmosphere.txt
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  • streams.init_atmosphere.txt
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Apologies for the lack of any reply for so long! Because some 3-d fields for the 15-3 km mesh may be larger than what is permitted by the default CDF-2 output file format, you may just need to set
in the definition of the "output" stream in the namelist.init_atmosphere file.

The special "cvt" partition files require some non-trivial work to produce, and so we have only included the x5.6488066.cvt.part.256 file with the 15-3 km mesh download. If you need access to more aggregate memory, you could try under-subscribing the nodes on your computing cluster (e.g., if you have nodes with 32 cores, use just 16 MPI tasks per node and a total of 16 nodes when processing the static fields). Note that the special "cvt" partition file is only needed when processing static fields; when creating initial conditions or when running the model, you can use Metis to produce partition files as described in Section 4.1 of the User's Guide.