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Bufr to little_r format conversion problem


New member

I need help. I am trying to convert bufr files to little_r format from the nomads database, e.g.
I've tried using various conversion tools available and recommended on the wrfda website, but they don't work or do it incorrectly. Can anyone help me solve this problem? Are there any tools that work properly for these files.

I will be grateful for any hint, at the moment I can't run data assimilation.


I'm not sure if you've tried this, but there is a software called PREPBUFR2LITTLER that has worked for me. I've tried searching for it but can't seem to find it. Hopefully you have better luck. If not, then I believe bufr files work natively in WRFDA. You may still need the prepbufr file but so long as you change some of the options in the namelist.input before running da_wrfvar.exe, it should work. I have attached the link to the user guide. The namelist options are at the bottom. Hopefully this helps. Chapter 6: WRFDA