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Building WRF --- 'undefined references to **** problems building executables'


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Hi all,

Good day!

I am new user of WRF, and now compiling WRF v4.5.1 on Ubuntu virtual machine (Linux virtual-machine 6.2.0-26-generic #26~22.04.1-Ubuntu) using GNU compiler.
According to the official tutorials, I have successfully done 'Building libraries' and 'Library Compatibility Tests'.

But *.exe could not be generated in 'main' folder when compiling WRF. And I found lots of 'undefined reference **' information in the log files.
I tried two different cases:
The file log1.txt is generated by running './configure' -> '34 default' -> './compile em_real >& log1.txt'
The file log2.txt is generated by running './configure' -> '32 default' -> './compile em_real >& log2.txt'

Both log*.txt files are attached. Could you please have a look at and help me solve it? Thanks in advance!



  • log2.txt
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  • log1.txt
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Hi Rui,
Can you issue a "clean -a" and then reconfigure, then recompile with the following command
./compile em_real -j 1 >& log.txt
I still expect it to fail, but by setting "-j 1" it will only use a single processor to compile (the default setting uses 2 processors), which means the first "Error" message is the culprit for the failure. When it fails again, please attach the configure.wrf file, and the new log.txt file. Thanks!
Hi Kwerner,
Many thanks for your reply on installing WPS. Based on the suggestions, although I was initially unable to solve the issue, I managed to get it working by downgrading my Ubuntu version to Ubuntu 20.4.
Hi Rui,
I'm so glad to hear that you were able to solve the original compiling issue. Thanks for letting us know the update.