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Calculating Precipitation in a Moving Grid


New member
Hi, WRF support:

I'm using a moving grid simulation to study a typhoon (with a nested grid scheme for vortex tracking), and I'm currently facing an issue related to calculating accumulated precipitation during the simulation. I understand that simply adding RAINC and RAINNC is not appropriate when dealing with a moving grid. Is there a method to correct for the impact of the moving grid and obtain accurate accumulated precipitation data? I'm in urgent need of assistance, and I would greatly appreciate your help.

Thank you.
I'm not aware of any particular method that is used, but I assume a post-processor may have the ability to do this. You could start with a generic script for something like NCL (for e.g., this script made for a moving nest). I would think if you can calculate the values for a specific lat/lon, you can get the results you want.