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Cannot open file 'ozone_plev.formatted'

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I used CFSv2 Operational Forecasts 6-Hourly Products:
1. 9-Month Forecasts: 6-Hourly Surface and Radiative Fluxes (FLX)
2. 9-Month Forecasts: 6-Hourly 3D Pressure Level Data (PGB)

I was succesfully run on WPS and real.exe but when I run wrf.exe , I got error message :Fortran runtime error: Cannot open file 'ozone_plev.formatted': No such file or directory

Would you give me solution?

If you are using CAM radiation, it looks for a file in your running directory called "ozone_plev.formatted." This file should come with the WRF source code package. Is it possible that you deleted it? I will attach the file here. Please place it in your running directory.

P.S. - As this problem is a new problem and no longer is applicable to the original topic(, I am going to move it to the correct place and change the title.


  • ozone_plev.formatted
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We've been using WPS/WRF version 3.6 for quite some time. We recently tried to upgrade to 3.9 because of a 180-degree longitude problem that we were seeing and is alleged to be fixed in 3.9.

On my first run with 3.9, I got this same complaint about ozone_plev.formatted being missing.

I saw the proposed fix -- copy the file out of the source to the CWD -- and I will try it.

But I can't help but wonder: why is this necessary in 3.9, when it wasn't in 3.6, even though the same file could also be found in the 3.6 source code?

The prior post says that the ozone file was looked for when "using CAM radiation". We don't have any CAM-radiation-related variables in the namelist-input file for either the 3.6 run or the 3.9 run. But I do see some variable names that start with CAM_ in both namelist.output files: CAM_ABS_FREQ_S, CAM_ABS_DIM1, CAM_ABS_DIM2. (They have identical values in the 3.6 and 3.9 namelist.output files.)

So, again, what changed between 3.6 and 3.9?

Answering my own question...

According to, the default for namelist.input parameter o3input changed in 3.7. We didn't have o3input in our namelist.input, so we got a different default. :-(

Well, now I know how to fix it.
Thank you so much for updating that information. I'm glad you were able to figure it out for your sake, and others!