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Changing topography in module_initialize_ideal.F file


New member
Can someone post a tutorial or instruction for changing the topography of ideal cases using module_initialize_ideal.F file? I am trying to simulate an ideal LES case with a simple rough terrain.
There are a few options to do so:

(1) after you create the initial condition, you can modify terrain height in the file using various utility, for example, NCL or WRF utility. Please see details in the websites listed below:

(2) you can directly modify the code module_initialize_ideal.F, where you can find the piece of code:

915 CASE (les)
916 DO j=jts,jte
917 DO i=its,ite
918 grid%ht(i,j) = 0.

Hope this is helpful for you.
Thank you very much for your explanation. How can I find what each variable in module_initialize_ideal.F90 file means? Without comments in the file itself it is difficult to identify the meaning of each variable. If you can help me to find some information. That would be a great help.
There are a brief description of state variables in Registry/Registr.EM_COMMN. However, local variables inside a specific scheme are not listed in Registry. Unless there is explanation in the code, we usually have to read the relevant paper and try to figure out which variable is what. I know This is tedious and time-expensive.

here is the website that provides publications related to physics in WRF. Hope it is helpful.