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Compilation process in Cheyenne


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Can anyone share a detailed compilation of WRF /WPS in Cheyenne?

Is there any documentation available?

I am getting the following error after running ./configure: please see attached file


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Hi, What modules do you have set on Cheyenne? My current set modules (that work for WRF) are
Currently Loaded Modules:
  1) ncarenv/1.3    3) ncarcompilers/0.5.0   5) netcdf/4.8.1   7) ncl/6.6.2    9) python/3.7.9  11) xxdiff/4.0.1
  2) intel/19.1.1   4) mpt/2.25              6) ncview/2.1.7   8) git/2.33.1  10) nco/5.0.3

If you don't already, try the same (although ncl, python, xxdiff, ncview, and nco shouldn't be necessary). If that doesn't work, if you don't mind, you can point me to the directory on cheyenne where you're trying to compile and I can take a look.