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Compiling Error When Setting Tracer

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Jun Hu

New member
I met an error when I compile wrf with tracer. I modify registry.EM and add these codes in solve_EM.F:
! Add in the Fukushima initial venting.
IF ( ( its .LE. 125 ) .AND. ( ite .GE. 124 ) .AND. &
( jts .LE. 89 ) .AND. ( jte .GE. 88 ) ) THEN
tracer(124:125,1:5,88:89,P_plume) = 1.

However, the error shows "This name does not have a type, and must have an explicit type. [P_PLUME]", do I need to define P_plume in advance?

Jun Hu
This topic has been moved to the compiling section of the forum, as this is specific to a compiling error, and not directly related to the question where it was posted.

Please take a look at these slides (starting with slide 62), which explain the process for adding a tracer. It includes instructions on adding the plume.