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Compiling wrf 4.2 on AWS ubuntu 18.04

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Dear forum
I'm following the compile guide for wrf
and are now trying to build wrf em_real on an ubuntu 18.04 in amazon web servers t3.micro
First problem is listed in line 123 i log.compile
gfortran: error: ../../frame/module_driver_constants.o: No such file or directory
gfortran: error: ../../frame/module_machine.o: No such file or directory

The 2 files are not present in ../../frame/ so something fishy is going on but not sure what ?

Best regards and thanks


  • configure.wrf
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  • log.compile
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The first error message shown in your log file is:

module_driver_constants.G:22:2: fatal error: No such file or directory

Note that this file should be automatically generated when compiling WRF. Failing to generate this file is often related to wrong environmental settings or libraries.

Please double check your environmental settings and libraries.

Also, can you try to build WRF in dmpar mode?