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Coordinates on multi-domain idealized cases

Aviv Ofir

New member
I need to know the location of a given surface grid point (i,j) in an idealized simulation. The single-domain answer is easy: (i*dx, j*dy) [m] from the (0,0) reference point. However, this can become more complicated in the multi-domain case. Usually WPS filled the XLONG and XLAT values, but this stage is skipped in idealized cases - so XLONG and XLAT are empty. Is there a built-in function / utility that can fill in this role of WPS?
Based on your calculation for domain 01, I assume you're interested in the i,j in meters? There isn't a quick function that can do this, but you could use the i,j of domain 02, along with the grid resolution and parent_grid_ratio to calculate this.