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Differences between wrfinputs and wrfvaroutput


New member
Hello, I carried out 4 simulations, two with the WRF and two with the WRFDA, changing the spin-up 6 and 12h, it turns out that I need to compare the initial conditions and see what the difference is between what is assimilated and what is not. I am taking the wrfinputs of ./real.exe and comparing them vs the wrfoutputs of 3Dvar, but for the 12h spin-up, all the variables have the same value, that is, there is no difference, in the case of the 6h Spin-up , I was able to see differences in the PSFC variable, but only in that one, the others are the same.

My question is the following, is it correct to see the differences in the initial conditions this way, or is there another way to see them? Additionally, if this is the case, why are the variables in equal?

Thanks for the reply.