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Domain configuration issue


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I have been trying to do a 3 nested domain but I am not able to view the first domain while using the command "ncl util/plotgrids_new.ncl". I tried nesting with 2 domains but still i was not able to get the rectangular box when doing the two domain case. I am not able to understand where I am doing the mistake. Kindly help me.
I am attaching the namelist.wps and the image of the domain configuration for the reference.


  • Screenshot from 2023-09-28 01-31-24.png
    Screenshot from 2023-09-28 01-31-24.png
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  • Screenshot from 2023-09-28 01-31-40.png
    Screenshot from 2023-09-28 01-31-40.png
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This is the namelist.wps file that i have used. Also, in this i am only able to give one value for dx and dy. The resolution is given as 9km. I tried to give different resolutions by varying the dx and dy for different domains but it was also showing error.


  • namelist.wps
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How should I resolve this issue? i tried this with different resolution values also but the second domain is not seen. Kindly help me.
You're nameless.wps looks fine. Please see the attached plot that shows your 3 domains.


  • wps_show_dom.pdf
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