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erod values could not be created correctly in domain 2

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What we care about is "erod" that comes from WRF-chem. Erod seems to be related to wrfinput_d01 and wrfinput_d02. Note: we used 2 domains in the namelist.

When we set "input_from_file = .true. , .false.,", wrf.exe only produced wrfinput_d01, no wrfinput_d02. In addition, the 3 components of an erod in the grid cells of interest were all right in domain 1. However, only the 2nd component of an erod was non-zero in domain 2, which was not what we expected. In this case, real.exe and wrf.exe were run successfully and finished their jobs.

If we set "input_from_file = .true. , .true.,", we got both wrfinput_d01 and wrfinput_d02. Furthermore, the 3 components of an erod in both domains 1 and 2 were all non-zero values, which were what we expected. However, real.exe was run successfully, but wrf.exe failed to finish its job.

Note; we checked the erod maps using "” and “", the erod maps in domains 1 and 2 looked all right.

So, could anyone tell us how to make wrf.exe run successfully so as to create correct erod values in domain 2 ?

Thank you very much!

You said " wrf.exe only produced wrfinput_d01, no wrfinput_d02"

Note that the wrf.exe is the model executable and does not produce the (wrf)input files. Those are produced by real.exe.

In that same regard, "EROD" is not an output of the model, but rather an input. So, if EROD's values are printed to the wrfout file, they should be identical to those in the input.

Thanks for your response.

"wrfinout_d01" and "wrfinput_d02" are output from real.exe".
==> OK.

For my analysis purpose, the "erod" values were better written out directly from "module_gocart_dust.F". Currently, I got correct "erod" values in domain 1, but wrong "erod" values in domain 2.

"EROD" is not an output of the model, but rather an input" (your response)
==> Therefore, I hope to produce "wrfinput_d02" because it was thought that "erod' values could be obtained from "wrfinput_d02".

In this regard, rather than getting "erod" from wrfout_d02_*, is there any way to get correct "erod" values for "domain 2" correctly written out from "module_gocart_dust.F"?


I am not sure I understand your question. EROD is not an output variable and so it will not be in the wrfouts or created by module_gocart_dust.F. To get the values for d02, you need to run real.exe.