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error compiling wgrib2


New member
I am trying to install wgrib2 on ubuntu 20. After defining CC=gcc, FC=gfortran, then I type make. I get the error:
makefile:241: *** need fortran-95+TR-15581/fortran-2003 compiler, not f77. Stop.
Can I edit the makefile to put f90 on the indicated line 241 instead of f77?
Well I did make the change in the makefile and wgrib2 compiled and I put it in the path.
However trying to run upp (v4.1) gives the error below:
Big problem:
either WRFPRS_d01.00 is missing or not a grib file
or wgrib2 is not on your path or wgrib2 is too old
or can not write to /tmp/g.3324823.0.tmp (full disk or permissions).
I am running WRFV-4.4.2 on ubuntu-20.04
Any suggestions on why this is so and/or solution is welcome.