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Error in running real.exe


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I want to run WRF V4.0 driven by era5 single level datas, to assess the surface parameterization schemes. However, there are mutiple errors when I running the real.exe with different types in namelist.input.
This is my namelist.input.

1. I am wondering that why I should adjust the parameters such as e_vert, p_top_requested and so on, rather than deleting them?
2. There are various errors when I modify the relative parameters
2.1 When I delete the e_vert and p_top_requested, it shows that2.1.png
2.2 When I adopt its advice, to set the p_top_requested=95078.2656, it shows that

Does anybody have further information on that.
Any hints will be greatly appreciated!!!


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Although you are only interested in the surface, you will still need the full 3d column of atmospheric variables to run WRF. The model is incapable of simulating with just a single level. Take a look at the Required Input for Running WRF section of our Users' Guide.