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Hello, I'm running WRF 4.4.1 and want to activate sf_urban_physics options. I have read about CGLC-MODIS-LCZ dataset with 100m resolution and 60 land use categories.
I have successfully run WPS and real.exe, but when running wrf.exe I find the following error:
I activated wudapt option in the namelist.input file but it then uses "WUDAPT LCZ 31-41 categories", and my geo data is a 60 category list.
I found:
The LCZ modeling capability has been implemented in WRF since version 4.3 to allow the easy use of this CGLC-MODIS-LCZ data. Figure 4 summarizes the LCZ numbers defined in the WRF-urban modeling system, which starts from 51 to 61. Note that before WRF version 4.4.2, the LCZ numbers in WRF are 31 to 41, which however overlaps with the last few land cover classes in the 40-category National Land Cover Dataset (NLCD). Thus, since WRF version 4.4.2, this bug has been fixed to have LCZ numbers from 51~61, corresponding to the original WUDAPT LCZ of 1 to 10 and E.
Is it a version error then? With the same configuration and WRF 4.4.2 or higher would it be solved? Or is there anything else?


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Please update the WRF to V4.5 and higher version.
The error you saw is a bug in older version and this bug was fixed in the newer version.